Jill and Noodle

I moved to NYC with my best friend and dog, Noodle, a 7 year old Maltese, back in November. Working long hours in soho I knew that I would need a dog walker to help noodle get through the days. I found Paws on Pine through their website and shortly after I reached out Heather came over to meet Noodle. It was friendship at first site. It eased my mind immediately because heather came into my apt and got down on the floor and asked to play with Noodle. Noodle ran over, tail wagging, and it was clear this was someone I could trust with my puph.

Noodle gets walked daily, m-f, by Danielle and she brightens my day by sending a picture or two of noodle and an update of how the walk went.

I couldn’t be more pleased with Paws on Pine and would highly recommend them to others!

Kate and Blue

Paws on Pine is part of my family!

I LOVE the Paws on Pine team. I trust them with one of my most prized possessions, Miss Blue my Mini Aussie, as well as my home. Paws on Pine gives me peace of mind knowing I can count on them to take care of my dog with love and attention as well as respect my home when we travel out of the city. I couldn’t do all I do without them. They are the best!

April, Niki and Gigi

It’s rare on Yelp to find a whole set of stellar review where everyone agrees. But the reason everyone agrees that Paws on Pine is SPECIAL and GREAT is because its TRUE. Heather, the owner, came over to meet our French Bulldog, Gigi, and do a consultation, etc. Now Gigi has her own dedicated dog walker, Xavi, who she loves. We love the pictures and updates they send after each walk.

Heather and Xavi both are excellent communicators via email or text. Can’t say enough, except if you live in FiDi, Paws on Pine should be your go to for pet sitting or dog walking.


Chip, Duke and Dynah

Paws on Pine is the best! The prices are reasonable, and the service is top notch. Heather is extremely professional and always answers communications immediately. You can book her several weeks out, and you’ll receive a confirmation message/reminder a few days before. She and her team always send a text with the details of the walk along with pictures taken during. We and our two wirehair dachshunds feel very fortunate to have Paws on Pine available to us in the Financial District!

Raphael, Charlotte and Benson


Paws on Pine saved us from having to succumb to any lesser dog walking service. Heather was prompt with answering our questions and coming in to see our puppy Benson last minute before my wife had to leave for a three week business trip across the country.

Nick was the dog walker and he was stupendous for these three weeks! I highly recommend him and benson loves him just as much. No complaints at all. Nick was even courteous enough to change his wee wee pads at home and send us pictures of benson’s walks which i thoroughly enjoyed.

You will not find a better service in the downtown manhattan area or in FiDi. Thank you Heather and Nick!!!

Arianna and Henry

Paws on Pine have been amazing with my puppy. As a newbie dog owner they are sensitive to my needs and always keep me up to date with my pup’s activities and care. Sam took great care of him when I was away and when he sees Sam and Heather on the street he gets so excited so I know he is in good hands. I would highly recommend them as they actually listen and follow through. So great that they’re in this neighborhood!

Michelle, Alex, Benji and Jackson

Heather and Melissa are very responsive and super reliable dog walkers. They have been watching my two boys since we first brought them home in spring 2013 and we couldn’t be happier with their services. They send updates with each visit and I can see how much my dogs love them in each photo they send.  They make extra visits when one of my dogs wasn’t feeling well because they care about your pets that much! For an OCD “parent”, I am so happy to have found a dog walking service I trust and has my boys’ best interest in mind.

Kristina and Bruce

I love Heather and her Paws on Pine team! They are super friendly and easy to communicate with. I have a grumpy English Bulldog who’s not the easiest dog to walk, but Heather and Melissa are very patient and gentle with him. I get photos of my Bullie every time he gets walked, which always brightens my day. I feel good, and lucky, that my dog gets the care and attention he needs when I’m away. 🙂

Lawrence, Min Min and Gizmo

Heather, Nick and Melissa are amazing! We met Heather a few days after we bought Gizmo, our very first puppy home and she has been a life saver. She really cares about our puppy’s needs. The first thing she did when we met initially was to open her laptop to take notes. I was really impressed! We don’t know what we would have done without Heather! She is super reliable, accommodating and responds to our emails/texts quickly which is AWESOME. We trust her, Nick and Melissa completely! But most importantly, Gizmo is in love with them! 🙂

Fletcher & Oscar

Heather and the staff at Paws on Pine go above and beyond to take special care of our dog Oscar on his daily walks as well as updating us with photos of his adventures with them in the neighborhood. The pictures have quickly have become a highlight in the middle of our workday and we know he’s in great hands. We have used other dog walking services throughout the city in the past and are happy to say that Paws On Pine is the most profession and personable one out there!

Christopher, John and Missy

Heather is the best! I had never used a service because like many pet owners, the idea of a stranger taking care of my “kids” made me anxious. I met with Heather and she instantly set my mind at ease with her easy way and professional attitude.
She’s been such a treat to find and I would highly recommend her.

Mo & Rascal

I highly recommend Heather. Rascal my Dachshund and I adore Heather. Heather is flexible, trustworthy, and responsible. Heather takes Rascal weekly on leashed walks, and also pet sits him while I travel. Rascal immediately bonded with Heather. I am always comfortable that Rascal will have a fun and safe experience on walks and when I travel.

Julia & Eli

2 years ago we moved to NYC. As much of our adjustment it was for my husband and I, we were more nervous about our 11 year old mini schnauzer, Eli. He now wouldn’t want to live anywhere else and we are thrilled but the one problem we continued to have was finding a dog walker/sitter for Eli. That is until our neighbor Heather started her dog business. Heather was one of the first people we meet in the building, or should I say we meet her because of her adorable dogs Bebop and Doxy. It was when Bebop back legs became paralyzed that I realized just how great Heather and her husband were with dogs. Every morning, afternoon, and night they would take BeBop out and care for her with such patience and love. They went above and beyond the call of duty, getting her water treatment and acupuncture. I almost cried when I saw BeBop walking again and know it was because of the love, patience, and care Heather gave to her. I have never once worried about Eli in her care. She’s on time, gives text or email updates, and has made my life easier not only not having to worry about Eli being in good hands but also by the ability to text her in short notice when I’m rushed at work. Her reasonable prices have actually helped me make more money by taking an extra client, but without compromising Eli’s happiness 🙂

Grace & Sophie

I cannot say enough good things about heather curatolo’s dog sitting services! My pup Sophie & I both adore her. Heather is a complete professional and cares for my pup as one of her own. I have complete peace of mind with Sophie in her care. I feel so lucky to have found “auntie heather” to take care of my baby! Sophie is shy and has had some ongoing health issues, and Heather is so gentle and patient with her. For doggie moms & dads, Heather is truly a gem! I especially love the status updates and pictures of your pup she sends that bring a smile to my face! And for me, she has been super flexible in accommodating my ever changing scheduling requests! I’ve tried other dog sitting services including doggy daycare, but nothing compares to the personal attention that Heather provides in her own home. She’s the best!

Talia, Keith, & Abbie

We can always count on Heather and her two amazing pups to take care of our mini dachshund Abbie whenever we are out of town. With Heather, Abbie has constant company and care. We never worry about how Abbie’s days are because we get email updates and pictures throughout the day…and get to see and hear what the gang is up to. Heather is responsible and a doggy mommy herself, which is why we highly recommend her for long and short stays. Abbie always comes home happy and tired from all those walks and all that playing.

Jason & Sophie

Heather is a wonderful dog walker and overall person to have care for your pet. I met Heather through my building and I have had my 5 year old pug Sophie stay with her overnight on several occasions as well as come to take her for walks. I know my dog is being given the best care and is also having fun as Heather has 2 of her own dogs as well. She is a very caring and responsible person and I couldn’t give her a stronger recommendation.

Mike & Marco

Heather hosted Marco, our dachshund puppy, for a wknd and we could not have asked for a better host. She was kind, thoughtful, and highly responsive and had sent us pictures and updates throughout Marco’s stay. We would highly recommend her to anyone and give her the highest marks.

Camille & Roxy

Heather is a reliable dog walker and sitter for my Cavapoo Roxy. I am fortunate to have found someone who loves Roxy as much as I do. Heather sends constant updates and info via text message on what Roxy did after each walk/visit. In addition to walking, Heather has helped out tremendously purchasing food and supplies for Roxy. She even had an extra set of keys made for me. Heather is efficient, honest and trustworthy and I recommend her to anyone needing dog walking or pet sitting services.

Jen, Elke, & Desi

Heather has been a great friend to me and my dogs Elke and Desi for almost 5 years. She is the only person I trust when I go on vacation to watch my dogs because she treats them like they are part of her family. She is smart and trustworthy. The best part of Heather taking care of Elke and Desi is that she consistently sends me update texts during the day when she sees the dogs and sends me cute pictures of what they are doing. Everyone that uses Heather as a dogwalker/sitter loves how she interacts with their pets. I highly recommend her as a walker/sitter (for cats too!). You will not meet anyone you will feel more confident has your and your pet’s best interests in mind.

Michael, Paul, & Chloe

We left our four year-old Yorkie Chloe in Heather Curatolo’s care when we took a week-long family vacation to Walt Disney World. Chloe had never spent a day outside our home without us, so we were a little nervous about how our dog would behave in a new environment with someone besides us. However, Heather maintained Chloe’s normal routine as much as possible to make her adjustment to her new environment as easy as possible. Beyond that, Heather treated Chloe with loving tenderness as if she were her own pet. And Heather even made us feel more comfortable being away from Chloe by sending us regular texts and photos of her. We definitely will ask Heather to take care of Chloe any time we need a dog-sitter, and would recommend her to anyone who needs dog care.

Carolyn, Lilly, & Sydney

Heather. You are amazing. I love your work. You are so creative, so loving, so attentive that I fear my dogs will want to stay with you ALL THE TIME. They will be chomping at the bit for me to go away as often as possible! I would trust you with my unborn children!

Bridget & Stanford

Heather is absolutely amazing!!!!! When my husband and I were first talking about hiring a dog walking service, I was totally against it. I never thought we would find someone who we could trust, as we’re very protective of our little guy. Then, we found Heather. She has been caring for our dog for quite some time now, and she is so great with him and genuinely cares about him. And he loves her too! He’s not the most behaved guy in the bunch, and that’s putting it lightly, but she handles him so perfectly and always puts a positive spin on his “colorful” behavior. Heather is professional, responsible, gentle, and loves what she does. She has gone above and beyond for us so many times when we have needed or have been in a bind. I really feel like she treats our dog as one of her own. We have not had the need to leave our dog with her overnight yet, but we would not hesitate to do so. There still isn’t anyone else we would feel comfortable caring for him other than her!!!!

Casey & Jame-o

When we go on vacation we know that our puppy is on vacation too and quite honestly probably likes being w/ Heather more than us haha.. Heather is one of the most loyal, giving, caring, awesome people I’ve ever met. She truly cares for all animals. I would 100% recommend her!!!I If you leave your pet with her you can rest assure they will be in a safe, fun and happy place w/ Heather and her sweet dogs.

Andrew & Nicolette

Heather (Paws on Pine) is a responsible caretaker and trusted and loving partner in the care of our cat. When we met Heather, she came equipped with a laptop to take notes. She recorded what to do in the apartment, how to clean the litter box, how to prepare food, and what toys, games and other playtime activities were important to our cat. Given her diligent notes it gave us a sense of comfort that Heather wouldn’t forget anything important and indeed in her year of consistent service she has shown herself and her company to be absolutely first rate in pet care. Heather takes pictures during her visits and sends them off via text message to keep real-time contact with owners. Nobody creates a better peace of mind and provides such warm care than Paws on Pine.