Greatest American Dog Trainers

In 2008, Travis Brorsen and his canine best friend, Presley, were selected from more than 20,000 owner and dog pairs to compete on CBS’ national dog training competition, Greatest American Dog. With Presley only being 14 months old, producers felt it was unlikely they would advance past the first week. In fact, Las Vegas gave them less than a 10% chance to win after the first week.

Greatest American Dog Trainers | Paws on Pine | Dog Walking & Pet SittingEach week Travis & Presley were pushed to the limits and challenged in every way imaginable. Travis realized that if he created a positive learning environment for Presley and focused on building a bond and relationship with Presley they might have a chance. Each challenge in the competition was based on friendship, kindness, caring, compassion, respect, trust and loyalty. As the competition went on, Presley surprised Travis with his willingness to learn and obey. In the end, it was the bond they created through basic and advanced obedience that prepared them to beat all odds and become the winners and current title holders of CBS’ Dog Training Competition, GREATEST AMERICAN DOG.

Travis was a celebrity dog trainer in Los Angeles for more than five years. He has been published in many maginzines, newspapers and books all over the world. He then returned to Oklahoma where he was the head of instruction for dog training at Autry Technology Center in Oklahoma. He currently lives in New York City serving dog owners across the East Coast. Travis specializes in working with rescue dogs and helping you acclimate them to big city living! When Travis isn’t dog training, he works at the League Education and Treatment Center, a special needs elementary school, in Brooklyn, NY. Travis and his certified service dogs work with autistic, ADD, and ADHD children in their social skills classroom. If you are looking for a dog trainer to make training fun for you and the whole family, Travis is your guy. Treat your dog like the celebrity they are, visit

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