And then there was Beebs…. Part 1

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This was before they knew Bebop was too big to show! Their loss, DEFINITELY my gain!

No, not Justin Bieber but Bebop, the fawn French Bulldog that changed my life….. again.  This time I made an educated decision about getting another dog – I was certainly in a better place.  I was VP at a major cable network, married for almost two years and about to close on a row house in Prospect Heights Brooklyn with a yard.  I always loved Bulldogs and knew that would be my next dog.  I did a ton of research on both the breed and reputable breeders.  In 2002, it was very hard to get a French Bulldog.  I was on many top breeder lists and then a miracle happened.  One of the breeders connected me with another breeder who had a dog that was supposed to be for show but ended up being too heavy (most of you know I can relate).  I spoke to the breeder on the phone and sent my deposit and eventually, payment.  The breeder was in Michigan so Bebop took a plane to get here.  It was Halloween when my husband Andrew and I went to LGA to pick her up.  The plane arrived and we were waiting in the oversized cargo area for Bee Bee (thats pretty funny too if you think about it).  Those 10 minutes seemed like 10 years.  Then, from behind the gate, I heard a truck stop, some ruckus and the gate opened.  Sitting there was a beige crate with the cutest little fresh Frenchie face sticking out of the window.  I was in love.  I wanted to take her out of the crate immediately.  Andrew, the more sensible one between us said we should keep her in the crate.  Next thing you know, I was holding her.  She was already over four months old and pretty big.  She was so well trained but we changed that- of course she became spoiled (you know what they say- there are no bad dogs, only bad owners).  When she was four, we moved into NYC- first Hells Kitchen and then our home now in FIDI.  The girls missed the yard but now they went on four long walks a day (we got a bit lazy with the yard).  There is more to Beebs than just a cute face…  will write next week about how she REALLY changed my life!  XXXOOO all!!!!  Thx for reading!!  -HJC

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My red furry almost fifteen year old alarm clock!

My dogs Doxy and Bebop are my furry kids.  I THINK I love them like parents love their own human children.  I knew when I was very young, I didn’t want my own children.  I chalk it up to losing my mother to brain cancer when I was almost 11 and being slightly overprotective/paranoid (think wrapping a child with bubble wrap to go outside).  Seriously, I love children but never had the urge to have my own.  When I went to Puppy City in Brooklyn almost 15 years ago, I never realized how my life was going to change.  It was 1998.  I was a baby (25).  I just met my future husband and was living with my best friend in a HUGE 2 bedroom apartment in South Park Slope Brooklyn (PS- we paid $1000 a month TOTAL- crazy, right?).  I was doing well at my job as an Account Executive for a major cable network but it wasn’t enough.  I WANTED A PUPPY!  In 1998, pet stores weren’t a “faux pas”.  In fact, Puppy City had a great reputation (it’s actually still open).  I went alone one night after work.  I walked in and fell in love with every puppy in the store but had my eye set on one breed- the miniature Dachshund- a loyal, lovable, willful, stubborn breed.  I walked up to the cage and pointed.  There were two red mini Doxies in the cage, a male and a female.  I picked up the male first, he was very cute (obviously).  I played with him for a few minutes and then picked up the female.  She immediately licked my face.  I blurted out “I’ll take her” and $600 later, she was mine.  That moment CHANGED MY LIFE.  My social life and normal sleep patterns were a thing of the past.  Doxy was my responsibility.  My roommate and soon to be husband wanted NOTHING to do with her- I was on my own.  She was fresh (she still is).  I couldn’t housebreak her, I couldn’t crate train her.  It was brutal.  She barked and cried all night long.  Did I mention we weren’t supposed to have a dog?  Luckily, my super was in love with my roommate.  She peed all over my roommate’s rug, she chewed up the couch, she bit me a bunch but I still loved her.  Now, almost 15 years later, she’s slowed down, she’s turned grey, she still bites me and pees on the floor but she is the love of my life.  She still wakes us up at 5:30am (YES, AM), whining and barking because she wants to go O-U-T and then E-A-T.  STILL.  Like mother, like daughter.  I am going to be transparent here.  I try to talk people under 30 (and single) from getting a pet.  Even though I have no regrets (well, maybe 1 or 2), there is plenty of time to have a pet when you have more help, money and time to train the dog properly.  Four years, a marriage, and two apartments later, we decided to add another dog to the mix (Bebop the French Bulldog).  That’s another story for another day but all I’ll type here is once you have one, two is CAKE!  XXXOOO!!  -HJC

Miniature Dachshund | Pet Sitting & Dog Walking | Paws on Pine | FiDi

Doxy at the vet a few weeks ago biting my coat because I had treats in there- nice!

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If I was still at my corporate job, the nausea would have set in hours ago.  No matter what Monday had in store, being nauseous and anxious was a Sunday night tradition.  It will be almost two years since I haven’t been nauseous on a Sunday night and it feels fantastic.  I’M ACTUALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO A MONDAY!  Who would have thought?

My day will begin at the gym w/the Brooke Burke workout (thanks Hyun) after being a FATTY this wknd (thanks ADUBZ and Miriam).  My first meeting is at 8am with my newest clients, Meghan and Zoey the Chihuahua for an overnight date.  Then, a walk with my boyfriend Sir Eli and another new client meeting on Wall Street with Lori and her 8 week old Cockapoo Gemma.  Then, a 30 minute walk with Am0 the Samoyed.  I love walking him in Battery Park and showing the tourists his tricks (my favorite is speak)!   Hmmm… maybe I should charge $ per trick (just kidding)!

After the walks, I’m going to work on the website and some advertising/marketing materials including custom products and t-shirts for my current and future clients.  AND TOMORROW is super special because it is A-DUBZ 47th bday so we will be doing it up right- I think we are going to try the new PJ Clarke’s burger place.

Who else is looking forward to work tomorrow????

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Full Circle


A glimpse into my past life before Paws on Pine. Ringing the Nasdaq opening bell in 2007. I’m third from the left in case you can’t recognize me.

One of the many things I love about my dog walking/sitting career are the different people and pets I meet (current clients, people I prospect etc.).  In my old career, I surrounded myself both personally and professionally with clients and co-workers.  It was all I knew.  Don’t get me wrong, the biggest thing I miss about my old life are the people.  I met my husband and best friends through that career, but looking back, I never met anyone outside that circle.

Carolyn Fox is an incredible woman, client and most importantly, friend.  She is Lilly and Sydney’s mom (those adorable labs).  She has a stellar career in radio broadcasting and is a top health insurance agent.  I was fortunate to have an incredible opportunity to be on her internet radio show last Friday on WBCN to promote Paws on Pine.

She has a state of the art mobile radio station in her gorgeous apt- no joke.  It was so exciting to put on those headphones and talk into the mic and be heard across the WORLD!!!!  This experience brought me back to college where I studied radio and television broadcasting.  My dream was to be a NYC DJ.  Back in the early 1990’s, radio was IT.  You would KILL for an internship at WPLJ or Z-100 but the NYC market was the hardest to break into.  That first summer out of college was brutal.  I tried desperately to get an internship or job at ANY NYC radio station.  After trying for a few months, I gave up and fell into advertising sales which turned into a lucrative 17 year career.

Did I settle?  Should I have tried harder to get into radio right out of college- my true passion?  This 2 minute interview brought me full circle.  Even though my ad sales career had its ups and downs, it was a very hard decision to move forward with Paws on Pine- but I decided to go with my passion this time and not my fear of change and the unknown and I’m so glad I did!


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Introducing the Pine Street Pet Pages BLOG!

Paws on Pine LogoThis is my first test post for my new blog, the Pine Street Pet Pages.  I am hoping to be able to write about my clients, my babies (Doxy and Bebop) and all things pet related.  I hope you enjoying reading my future posts!!!!

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