Dog or Human? The Name Game

My husband named our 2 dogs. I trusted him completely and couldn’t decide on a name for either (shocker) but one caveat was I wanted them to have “dog” names. What exactly is a “dog” name anyway? I asked a few of my friends and we all agree it’s a name you wouldn’t name a human. Even though, Americans have named their kids some pretty crazy stuff like Diamond, Maverick and Talon

My husband named our first dog Doxy. Many thought it was short for Dachshund (her breed), but in fact, it was the name of a song from his favorite Saxophonist Sonny Rollins. What we found out years later, was that Doxy actually meant something-

1: floozy, prostitute
2: mistress

After that epic fail, I decided to get more involved for naming our second furry child, a French Bulldog named Bebop. I made sure to look that up before we officially named her.

I wanted my dogs to have “dog” names because I thought it was something (besides hair and nail color) you can have fun with, but recently, I’ve noticed a trend with our dog walking and pet sitting puppy clients’ naming their SUPER CUTE dogs human names-



archie dog pet goldendoodle


maggie dog pet name boston terrier







hank dog pet name


abbie chloe dog pet whippet

Abbie & Chloe

frank dog pet boston terrier







louis bulldog french bulldog


Gus dog pet poodle


marshall dog pet










It’s been almost two year since Bebop and Doxy went to heaven so there might be a new member of the Paws on Pine family. I’ve had her name picked out for 3 months now (she even has an Instagram account ready to go)…. and no, it’s definitely NOT a human name! :/

Do you think a dog should have a dog or human name? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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Proud mama!

I got this email yesterday.  I removed the names so my walker wouldn’t die of embarrassment….

Good Afternoon,

I hope that this finds you and yours well!
I am writing to you about an employee of yours, by the name of XXXX. I ran into XXXX a bit over a month ago by my home walking a dog. The dog seemed so comfortable and happy with him that I was surprised to learn it was not his! He was quite pleasant to speak to and I made a mental note about Paws on Pine if I should need a dog walker.

Fast forward to more recently when I ran into XXXX again. He not only remembered who I was but he remembered my dogs too!
I wanted to reach out to you to let you know what a fantastic impression his genuine kindness made on me both of these times and how fantastically that reflects on your business.

I do not need a response back and hope that this message gets XXXX the recognition he deserves for being awesome.


I totally teared up after reading that (shocker) and of course responded and thanked this person for taking the time to email me.  Their words meant so much to me.  I felt such pride and happiness and it was just more reinforcement how lucky and blessed I am for being able to run Paws each and every day.

Huge love to the author of that email and to all our clients, fans and friends and especially to my pet specialists (Nick, Xavi, Sam Y., Sam F., Doug, Ben, Mike, Sarah, Jennifer and Caitlin) for working so so hard, loving our furry clients like they are their own and for making me and Paws look good!!  XXXOOO -HJC ❤️

Xavi, Sarah, Ben, Sam F., Sam Y., ME, Nick, Mike and Jennifer (Doug and Caitlin are MIA)!

Xavi, Sarah, Ben, Sam F., Sam Y., ME, Nick, Mike and Jennifer (Doug and Caitlin are MIA)!


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Saying goodbye….Paws on Pine Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Blog

It was November 2013. Paws on Pine was officially in business for less than a year. I was dog walking and cat sitting 12-16 hour days with practically no time off. My friends and family started asking me when I was going to hire someone. Hire someone? How the heck can I trust ANYONE with my new furry family members? I thought they were nuts. But after almost a year of working alone, I wondered, do they have a point? I did some “deep diving”, as we used to say in corporate life, and started taking seminars about hiring in the “pet sitting” field. Hiring people for your own business and for the service industry is SO much different than hiring in corporate America. Not only are these people representing ME, but also they’re going into clients’ homes and taking care of their furry family. So, I took what I learned and went to work. I’m not going to go into too much detail about my hiring processes, but after placing an ad and receiving over 200 responses, I weeded that down to three people, and then eventually one, Melissa Lauder.


Melissa with Clementine the English Bulldog

I met Melissa later that month when she came in to interview. Melissa was not only an animal lover, but was a proud parent to many dogs, cats, and even a horse. I was amazed by her passion and experience. She also lives on Staten Island, which I have a soft spot for. My biggest test for employee prospects was how they acted with my girls, Doxy and Bebop (who are no longer with us). Melissa gravitated to them immediately, and gave them so much love. If someone came in and ignored them, they were out of the running immediately. Even though I met Melissa in November, it wasn’t until January 2014 that she began working for Paws. I still was so unsure about hiring someone that it took me almost two months to decide (shame on me)! Well, it turns out that hiring Melissa was one of the best decisions I made in my life. She has such compassion for animals, and all of our furry & human clients’ love her. She also works for a vet office part-time. She is always aware and well informed, helping me & the human’s know if their pets might be sick or allergic to something. She also takes the best pictures, and truly captures our clients’ personalities. I don’t know what I would have done without her.

Melissa with Samson

Melissa with Samson. Melissa is the only walker Samson likes. She is his girlfriend!


So, imagine the devastation when Melissa told me a month ago she was moving on. I felt like a truck hit me. I was upset, but after thinking about it, I was thankful and grateful she stayed with me for almost two years. I don’t have human kids, but I’m going to associate this feeling with kids leaving for college— bittersweet.



This post is dedicated to Melissa. Thank you so much for the dedication, compassion, and love you gave to our clients every single day. I know I speak for everyone when I say you will be missed greatly, and of course, the door is always open! 🙂


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Skip the coffee, help a DOG or CAT charity! Paws on Pine Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Blog|FiDI|TriBeCa|BPC|

dog cat charityI have the BEST personal trainer ever. Her name is Patricia and there are SO many reasons why I love her. Besides kicking my ass twice a week, she LOVES animals, especially cats. She does SO much for them.  She even started what she calls “giving Friday” where every Friday she donates money she would normally spend on coffee and what not to various animal organizations! Please check out her Facebook page:

and please buy something for a sweet kitty at her Amazon Wish List-

and if you are interested in her kicking your ass or taking one of her classes, check this

I’ve been donating money to some of my favorite animal charities for a long time and recently starting to do more hands on work which I REALLY LOVE! Here are some of my favorites-

dog cat

I’m so fortunate to have met Kylie Edmond. She is the co-founder of Rock and Rawhide. I was able to sponsor Paws on Pine drop boxes across Lower Manhattan where almost any pet related item can be dropped (except open food and treats) and Kylie’s team brings these needed supplies to rescue groups across the country. Our neighbors downtown have been SOOOO generous. Huge love to Petropolis and the Downtown Veterinary Medical Hospitals for hosting the drop boxes and helping shelter pets across the USA! 🙂

I got involved with the French Bulldog Rescue Network because of my love for Frenchies. While I love all animals, Frenchies are super special to me- especially after losing my baby Bebop back in October. They have a lot of health issues and many people don’t understand the responsibilities associated with owning one (well, they own you). I want to adopt all of them, but can’t. I can’t believe my life doesn’t include a Frenchie- I might need to change that!


dog cat

Mr Bones and Co. is a non-profit animal welfare organization. They do so much to help so many animals in need in the NYC area and beyond by hosting events, raising awareness and facilitating adoptions. I met Elli Frank, their Executive Director through a friend.  She is incredible. Not only does she put 1000% into Mr. Bones, but also runs a super successful PR company! #girlpower. I’m hoping to be able to transport some cute puppies and kittens and maybe foster! 🙂




Besides the amazing groups I mentioned above, there are some tiny, tiny rescue groups who don’t have the manpower or resources that the bigger guys do-

So, instead of getting that iced double caramel cappuccino nonsense at Starbucks today (that does sound good though), take a few mins and donate to one of the amazing groups and people above or to your favorite animal charity. Send me the confirmation at and Paws on Pine will match it (up to $1,000 total through 8/30).

Stay cool NYC and of course big love to our clients’, fans, friends and family.  Thank you for making my dreams come true every single day and HUGE love to my Pet Specialists for extending my love through FiDi, TriBeca and BPC!




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Ladies night!!!! Paws on Pine Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Blog| NYC | New York City |

The girls on a FiDi evening stroll!

The girls on a FiDi evening stroll!

Before Paws on Pine Dog Walking and Pet Sitting existed, I used to do overnight dog sitting for family and friends in my NYC FiDI apartment. Doxy, Bebop and I loved the company. Unfortunately, when Bebop got sick, I did less and less and then stopped altogether. It’s been 8 months since Bebop went to heaven and 3 months since Doxy followed her. I miss them so much. I still tear up when I think about them (like now). I don’t think I will ever get over them being gone. I woke up one morning last week and decided I needed company (besides my pet specialists hanging out with me in between dog walks and cat visits). A lot of people have been asking when I’m getting another dog. Losing the girls was so hard on so many levels so I want to take this opportunity to put 1000% into Paws and our furry and human clients so instead of adding a family member to my household, I decided I was going to start doing doggie overnights again.  My first “sleepover” was the other night with one of my first clients- Lilly and Sydney- the Yellow Labs. They are such a great pair. They are not biological sisters but have been together for a LONG time.  They are so much fun and their owner is too. She is a good friend and someone I look up to and respect very much (#girlpower).

This picture captures the girls personalities perfectly!

This picture captures the girls personalities perfectly!

I brought the girls down around 9:30am and the shenanigans immediately began. As I’m sure you figured, there are no boundaries in my apartment. The girls are allowed to go anywhere and do almost anything that is safe for them. They lounge on my couch, watch TV and watch me work. They each have their own dog bed when the couch or my human bed isn’t enough. They get fed and pilled on schedule and of course, get lots of love and attention. They are so much fun to hug and they each have their own personality.  Lilly, the older of the two, loves pillows. Every time she gets excited (usually to eat or go out), she grabs one and walks around! It is hysterical. Sydney, on the other hand, is laid back. She lays there and gives you a look like “now what” or “when is our next meal”?  Sydney is a little overweight and as her owner says, “she has never met a sandwich she didn’t like”. LOL- sounds like me!



NYC FiDi Dog Pet

A Sydney and HJC selfie!

It was a short stay for the girls (only one night) but had so much fun with them. I’m looking forward to seeing them again at Camp 913 along with some of my other furry friends (stay tuned).

Thank you to all our clients, friends, family and fans.  I love you and can’t thank you enough for all the support you give me and my staff!!  -HJC

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