Proud mama!

I got this email yesterday.  I removed the names so my walker wouldn’t die of embarrassment….

Good Afternoon,

I hope that this finds you and yours well!
I am writing to you about an employee of yours, by the name of XXXX. I ran into XXXX a bit over a month ago by my home walking a dog. The dog seemed so comfortable and happy with him that I was surprised to learn it was not his! He was quite pleasant to speak to and I made a mental note about Paws on Pine if I should need a dog walker.

Fast forward to more recently when I ran into XXXX again. He not only remembered who I was but he remembered my dogs too!
I wanted to reach out to you to let you know what a fantastic impression his genuine kindness made on me both of these times and how fantastically that reflects on your business.

I do not need a response back and hope that this message gets XXXX the recognition he deserves for being awesome.


I totally teared up after reading that (shocker) and of course responded and thanked this person for taking the time to email me.  Their words meant so much to me.  I felt such pride and happiness and it was just more reinforcement how lucky and blessed I am for being able to run Paws each and every day.

Huge love to the author of that email and to all our clients, fans and friends and especially to my pet specialists (Nick, Xavi, Sam Y., Sam F., Doug, Ben, Mike, Sarah, Jennifer and Caitlin) for working so so hard, loving our furry clients like they are their own and for making me and Paws look good!!  XXXOOO -HJC ❤️

Xavi, Sarah, Ben, Sam F., Sam Y., ME, Nick, Mike and Jennifer (Doug and Caitlin are MIA)!

Xavi, Sarah, Ben, Sam F., Sam Y., ME, Nick, Mike and Jennifer (Doug and Caitlin are MIA)!


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