Dog or Human? The Name Game

My husband named our 2 dogs. I trusted him completely and couldn’t decide on a name for either (shocker) but one caveat was I wanted them to have “dog” names. What exactly is a “dog” name anyway? I asked a few of my friends and we all agree it’s a name you wouldn’t name a human. Even though, Americans have named their kids some pretty crazy stuff like Diamond, Maverick and Talon

My husband named our first dog Doxy. Many thought it was short for Dachshund (her breed), but in fact, it was the name of a song from his favorite Saxophonist Sonny Rollins. What we found out years later, was that Doxy actually meant something-

1: floozy, prostitute
2: mistress

After that epic fail, I decided to get more involved for naming our second furry child, a French Bulldog named Bebop. I made sure to look that up before we officially named her.

I wanted my dogs to have “dog” names because I thought it was something (besides hair and nail color) you can have fun with, but recently, I’ve noticed a trend with our dog walking and pet sitting puppy clients’ naming their SUPER CUTE dogs human names-



archie dog pet goldendoodle


maggie dog pet name boston terrier







hank dog pet name


abbie chloe dog pet whippet

Abbie & Chloe

frank dog pet boston terrier







louis bulldog french bulldog


Gus dog pet poodle


marshall dog pet










It’s been almost two year since Bebop and Doxy went to heaven so there might be a new member of the Paws on Pine family. I’ve had her name picked out for 3 months now (she even has an Instagram account ready to go)…. and no, it’s definitely NOT a human name! :/

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